NEP Submission: Voice Your Support

We received one Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) proposal idea from our residents. To show that there is association buy in for this, we are asking all residents to voice their support by filling out this form:

Voice Your Support for our Proposal by Friday (9/22) at 12pm

Description of Proposed Project:

This project would provide either pole-banners, street sign toppers on the streets of Eagle Heights along Titus, Cooper, Dake, List, Wyndale, Oakview, and other streets.

Proposed budget:

25 Street Toppers @ $75 = $1875
12 Pole Banners @ $125 = $1500

Total = $3375

Why is this project important?

This project is important to the neighbors in Eagle Heights because we’ve had many residents who have seen the other signs around town and want our neighborhood to also benefit from signage. Residents often do not know where Eagle Heights begins and ends. This project would publicize our boundaries and thereby promote our unique neighborhood. Signage would also provide a reinforcing rallying point-establishing an esprit de corp.

Proposed of this project include:

  • Greater promotion of our neighborhood association through visible signage.
  • Equality with the other neighborhoods who already have signage identifying their boundaries.
  • Furthering the mission of our association by connecting neighbors and providing a feeling of “knowing where you belong” for those who are unsure of their actual association.
  • Increased social activity through association activities.
  • Low ongoing maintenance if street toppers are selected.

If you support this project, please: Voice Your Support for our Proposal by Friday at 12pm.