From the Library – Hoopla Huddle Book Discussion Group Will Read Lost Feast in April 2021

Food, though more specifically “Culinary Extinction and the Future of Food,” will be the subject of next month’s Hoopla Huddle Book Discussion Group. That’s because we’ll be reading Lost Feast by Lenore Newman on Monday, April 26, at 6:00 PM:

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Food expert Lenore Newman sets out to look at the history of the foods we have loved to death and what that means for the culinary paths we choose for the future. Whether it’s chasing down the luscious butter of local Icelandic cattle or looking at the impacts of modern industrialized agriculture on the range of food varieties we can put in our shopping carts, Newman’s bright, intelligent gaze finds insight and humor at every turn.

Part culinary romp, part environmental wake-up call, Lost Feast makes a critical contribution to our understanding of food security today. You will never look at what’s on your plate in quite the same way again.

If you’d like to join the discussion, please register for the Hoopla Huddle Book Discussion Group through our Online Calendar. You will receive an email with the login information for the Zoom meeting before the discussion begins.

Lost Feast is now available to download through Hoopla with your library card as an ebook or an audiobook.

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