From the Library – Irondequoit Public Library’s Little Free Library Scavenger Hunt

Have you visited any of the Little Free Libraries in Irondequoit? If not, here’s your chance, as we’re hosting a Little Free Library Scavenger Hunt now through September 2!

There are 14 pages from the book Little Libraries, Big Heroes hidden at Little Free Libraries around Irondequoit! You can complete the scavenger hunt by finding all the pages and filling in the blanks below. When you find them all, bring this sheet back to the library for a prize! You can also download a Scavenger Hunt page right here.

For a map of Little Free Libraries in Irondequoit, visit our Little Free Libraries page (some LFLs may not appear on the map).

1. For thousands of years, people have loved stories about __________
2. Like this guy: __________
3. Even though his mother had been a __________
4. There was just one problem… __________
5. One day, during a __________
6. They agreed on one thing— __________
7. They learned important __________
8. Books are filled with __________
9. A __________ interview spread the word
10. Each library needed a __________
11. Some of them learned to read from the __________
12. __________ placed Little Free Libraries at a hospital
13. Today, books will be __________
14. Tomorrow might bring another __________

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