From the Library – NEXT TUESDAY (8/23/22): Intro to Companion Planting

Bonnie Knoke, a Master Gardener from Cornell Cooperative Extension, will visit the library on Tuesday, August 23, at 7:00 PM to discuss an Intro to Companion Planting.

When planting in vegetable beds, there are benefits to combining a variety of plants, as this approach mimics the way plants grow naturally. When certain plants are grown together, they can grow better, yield more fruit, and even taste better. This gardening method is known as companion planting, and this program will instruct you on how to maximize your vegetable harvest using companion planting strategies.

If you would like to attend Intro to Companion Planting, please register now through our Event Calendar. In addition to the in-person presentation, we will broadcast this program through Zoom. attendees who choose the online option will receive an email with the login information for Zoom.

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