From the Town: Press Release: Irondequoit Town-Wide Reassessment Meeting

WHAT: The Town of Irondequoit Assessor’s Office is hosting a 2023 Reassessment Project Update Meeting.

PRESENTERS:  Joe Emminger, President of Emminger, Newton, Pigeon & Magyar and Amy Jorstad, Irondequoit Town Assessor.

WHEN:  Thursday, January 26th, 2023

TIME:  6:00pm

WHERE:  Irondequoit Town Hall, 1280 Titus Avenue, Broderick Room

WHY:  The townwide reassessment will be conducted for the 2023 Assessment Roll. Last year, the Reassessment Project was postponed when it became clear additional time was needed to responsibly inform property owners regarding assessment changes and the potential tax impact. Irondequoit residents are expected to receive reassessment notices in the mail beginning in late February and early March. “The scheduled meeting will allow the town to keep property owners informed and promote a clear understanding of the process,” said Irondequoit Town Supervisor, Rory Fitzpatrick. We encourage our residents to attend and participate in the question-and-answer session.”

NOTE:  The meeting will be televised on Facebook Live, The ITown Media App, ICAT Spectrum 1301/1303.


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