Annual Meeting Tuesday 6/15 @ 7pm

Our annual meeting will be held Tuesday 6/15 at 7pm. We emailed out connection information on Friday, June 11 in the early evening. If you need connection information, send us a note to with your name and address and we’ll gladly share the zoom link and password.

Call for Officers & Volunteers

Eagle Heights Neighborhood Association is a 100% volunteer organization. Without the time and effort of our neighbors, we would not exist. Are you able to help make a difference in our community by helping us to promote, organize, and implement activities for our neighborhood?

For the 2021 election, we are seeking nominations for all open positions. If you are interested in running, just send us an email at with your name, address, position in which you are interested, and one paragraph explaining how you can help!

Open Positions

Officer positions meet approximately monthly for up to one hour. Meeting times are determined based on everyone’s availability.

President 2021-2023

The president runs the association and executive board meetings, attends the Irondequoit Neighborhood Roundtable, and serves as the main point of contact for all association matters.

Vice President 2021-2023

The vice president assists the president in overseeing the activities of the association as well as leading projects.

Secretary 2021-2023

The secretary keeps the meeting minutes and checks our PO Box.

Treasurer 2021-2023

The treasurer manages the associations bank account and ledgers, including submitting the electronic post card to the IRS.

Board Member at Large 2021-2023 (up to 3 people)

Board Members attend executive board meetings and lead association projects.

Interested Volunteers

Do you want to help out, but not interested in attending our monthly board meetings? Let us know you’re an interested volunteer. We’re always looking for a group of neighbors we can ask to help out. This could be distributing fliers, dropping off welcome packets to new residents, checking the PO Box, serving as a collection point for a neighborhood bottle, can, or food drive, or anything else we might need. We have a specific need for:

  1. Communications volunteers – cross posting content from our Facebook group to our website and preparing newsletters.
  2. Someone who regularly goes to the post office who can check our PO Box.
  3. Someone who has experience coordinating fundraisers.
  4. A Yard Sale organizer (if feasible for 2021)
Spring Photos

Spring & Winter Photo Contest

The weather is changing and that means it’s time for another photo contest!

  1. Take photos with your camera of anything that says Spring (or Winter) to you. 
  2. Upload up to 3 photos to or email them to with the subject line “Spring Photo Contest”. Feel free to also post them to our Facebook group (categorize them as Spring 2021 Photo Contest using the tag feature at the bottom of the post).
  3. By submitting a photo to us, you agree that you are the owner of the photo and that we may use the photo for the purpose of promoting our association.
  4. Parents/Guardians may submit up to 3 photos taken by each child in their home.
  5. The contest will end on May 1st at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced shortly after.
  6. The following criteria will be used to judge photos:
    • Adherence/Appropriateness to Theme
    • Uniqueness of Concept
    • Originality
    • Composition
    • Clarity and Quality of Submission
    • Color, Lighting, Exposure and Focus
    • Audience Appeal
  7. The top 2 photos will receive a small prize. Judging and determination of winners will be done by the Eagle Heights Leadership Team. Each person is only eligible for one prize.
call for donations to the I.C.C. December 1 - 12

Event: Donate to the I.C.C.

The Irondequoit Community Cupboard can use our help to make sure our neighbors are cared for during the holidays! So, let’s help!

How to donate

You can donate online through their website (click the PayPal donate button on the right side of their home page).

You can also donate physical items to the I.C.C. Here’s what’s most helpful:

  • You can drop off nonperishable food items at our one of our area drop offs; Ridge Culver Fire Dept, Irondequoit Library and Pinegrove Senior Center.
  • You can drop off both nonperishable AND perishable items at our location 4275 Culver Road on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9am to 11am.


Canned fruit (applesauce, pineapple, pears, peaches)
Canned vegetables (mixed veg, beets, carrots, spinach)
Canned stew, chili, hash, pasta meals
Canned soup (especially the progresso/chunky style soups, not necessarily the name brand)
Condensed Canned soup (chicken noodle)
Diced tomatoes and crushed tomatoes
White rice (16 oz) Brown rice (16 oz)
Small peanut butter (smooth or crunchy) and jelly (strawberry or grape; pref small jars or squeezable)
Sugar cookie mix
Vanilla frosting

We also need:
Toilet paper
paper towels
Feminine pads
Male and female deodorant
DRY dog food in manageable sized bags