Call for Officers & Volunteers

Eagle Heights Neighborhood Association is a 100% volunteer organization. Without the time and effort of our neighbors, we would not exist. Are you able to help make a difference in our community by helping us to promote, organize, and implement activities for our neighborhood?

For the 2021 election, we are seeking nominations for all open positions. If you are interested in running, just send us an email at with your name, address, position in which you are interested, and one paragraph explaining how you can help!

Open Positions

Officer positions meet approximately monthly for up to one hour. Meeting times are determined based on everyone’s availability.

President 2021-2023

The president runs the association and executive board meetings, attends the Irondequoit Neighborhood Roundtable, and serves as the main point of contact for all association matters.

Vice President 2021-2023

The vice president assists the president in overseeing the activities of the association as well as leading projects.

Secretary 2021-2023

The secretary keeps the meeting minutes and checks our PO Box.

Treasurer 2021-2023

The treasurer manages the associations bank account and ledgers, including submitting the electronic post card to the IRS.

Board Member at Large 2021-2023 (up to 3 people)

Board Members attend executive board meetings and lead association projects.

Interested Volunteers

Do you want to help out, but not interested in attending our monthly board meetings? Let us know you’re an interested volunteer. We’re always looking for a group of neighbors we can ask to help out. This could be distributing fliers, dropping off welcome packets to new residents, checking the PO Box, serving as a collection point for a neighborhood bottle, can, or food drive, or anything else we might need. We have a specific need for:

  1. Communications volunteers – cross posting content from our Facebook group to our website and preparing newsletters.
  2. Someone who regularly goes to the post office who can check our PO Box.
  3. Someone who has experience coordinating fundraisers.
  4. A Yard Sale organizer (if feasible for 2021)

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