Neighborhood Watch Update

In response to the requests of many Association members, the Eagle Heights Neighborhood Association Leadership Team has reached out to the Irondequoit Police Department to learn more about implementing an Observe and Report version of the Neighborhood Watch Program.

What is an Observe and Report Neighborhood Watch program?

The program will not require any regular meetings or active patrolling. It only requires that residents be aware of normal activity in their neighborhood and report any suspicious activity to IPD by calling 911.

How will this be rolled out?

We will be rolling out the program on a street-by-street basis. Interested people should express interest to the Coordinator. As streets are brought on board residents will receive a training pamphlet that will explain the program and how to observe and report any suspicious activity.

Who can I contact to learn more?

One of our residents, Chris Myers, has volunteered to coordinate the entire program. Please contact Chris at to express interest.