Neighborhood Watch Update

In response to the requests of many Association members, the Eagle Heights Neighborhood Association Leadership Team has reached out to the Irondequoit Police Department to learn more about implementing an Observe and Report version of the Neighborhood Watch Program. Read More

Updates from Our Last Meeting

Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas and signed up to be a Street Captain at our event on February 9th. We’ve added a page to our site with all sign-ups we’ve received. If you are still interested, be sure to email us at

Thanks, also, to everyone who suggested an idea for our association to consider. Here is a compilation of the suggestions received so far. If you have ideas to add to the list, please send an email to us at

Read More

Windstorm Resources

We’ve put together a list of resources for your reference. We’ll post the list on our Facebook page as well. If you know of other resources, please let us know. Stay safe!

Why “Eagle Heights”?

We’ve recently received a few questions about how our group arrived at its name. This is a great question, and deserves an answer.

Our neighborhood association was originally named Listwood Neighborhood Association. The leadership team had some good discussions around keeping and changing the name. The main argument against Listwood was that our association doesn’t encompass the entire area that attends Listwood. We thought it might be confusing for those folks who are part of the Listwood School family but are not part of our neighborhood association.

While brainstorming, the team thought of a few different features of our neighborhood. One geographic feature are the hills in this area. If you’re standing on part of Westgate Drive, you can see down to Shadowlawn Court and then back up to Oakview. Oakview itself has a large hill on it between Eastgate and Wyndale. Titus also dips between Oakview and Cooper. This is most noticeable where the new wall has recently been constructed. While there are some hills in other parts of Irondequoit, we thought these hills were pretty distinctive to our neighborhood.

While trying to find something to put before “Heights,” we came to the idea of the Eagle from West Irondequoit’s mascot. The Eagle name provides a much more focused and unique identity not linked exclusively to the Listwood School while also paying homage to the School District’s sports teams. The District property (Dake, IHS, Listwood, Central Office, and the Oakview building are all located inside the boundaries of our neighborhood).  Once we realized this, Eagle Heights was named and approved unanimously by the leadership team.

If you’d like to know the names of the other associations, check out the town website.  Thanks for the question – keep them coming. Reach out to us at