Neighborhood Enhancement Projects: Call for Proposals

In anticipation of a new round of NEP funding from the Town of Irondequoit, Eagle Heights is soliciting proposals for the projects for 2019. Here’s what we need:

  1. A brief description of your idea. Include photos and approximate costs.
  2. A paragraph explaining why your idea is important.
  3. A paragraph explaining the proposed benefits of your project.

Projects last year ranged from $500- $7500. For 2018 we asked for street toppers which were approved by the town and should be going up around our boundaries shortly.

Send completed proposals to our inbox, by August 16, 2018.

Recap of our June 5th Meeting


Leadership Team: Logan Rath, Joanne Brown, Lou DiGregorio

Excused: Janet Roy, Karen Knauf

Residents: 23 residents were in attendance. Streets represented were: Belmeade, Dake, Eastgate, Hoover, Imperial Cir, List Montclair, Oakview, Old North, Shadowlawn, Westgate, Wyndale,

Officer Nichols: Neighborhood Watch

Officer Nichols gave an overview of a potential Neighborhood Watch program. See for more information.


Chris Myers has volunteered to organize any interested parties. Email our designated account: to express interest.

Official Association Business

We reviewed our finances and approved our mission, vision, and goals. All votes were unanimous:

Mission: We are a volunteer association striving to make our neighborhood a better place to live.

Vision: Facilitate a sense of community and enriched quality of life for our members.

Goals 2018-2019:

  1. Continue grow membership in the association
  2. Offer opportunities for our members to enjoy and participate in neighborhood activities
  3. Be good neighbors


We discussed ways in which to get more households on our email list and to get more people involved as Street Captains. We received many good ideas and will follow up on them.

Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) presentation

See for last year’s call. Watch our email soon for dates to get our 2019 submission together.

Files: Minutes (PDF), Slides (PDF)

Neighborhood Pride Photography Contest

Show off your neighborhood pride through photography! Eagle Heights Neighborhood Association is accepting entries for our first photography contest.


The contest will run from June 6 – June 20 online. You can enter by posting your photo in our Facebook group. We will post it for you if you send it to All photos must be your own original artwork. By submitting the photo into the contest you are assigning a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License to it.


The leadership board will judge the photos and will announce winners in the following categories:

  1. Houses, Streets, or Still Shots
  2. Yards, Gardens, or Nature including Water
  3. At the Eagle Heights bench
  4. Neighbors of Eagle Heights
  5. Families (all kinds) of Eagle Heights
  6. Pets of Eagle Heights

Winning photos will be used on our website and will receive public recognition in an update email.


Contact Logan Rath at